Materials to Use for Drawer Runners: A Guide to Choosing a Right Material

Drawers are essential pieces of furniture and storage units. Drawers can be used on a desk or cabinet to store linens, clothes, tools, and office supplies. Even though the drawer plays an important role, the runners supporting and guiding it are equally critical.

Drawer runners, also known as drawer slides or gliding, are the mechanisms that allow drawers and cabinets to open and close smoothly. There are many drawer runners, each with unique properties and benefits. We will be discussing the benefits and disadvantages of drawer runners.

Materials to Make Drawer Runners

  • Metal drawer runners: They are the most well-known type of drawer runners. Available in various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and steel, they can protect your drawers. The most common type is steel runners. They’re strong, durable, and economical. They can be used for various purposes, from light-duty drawers on home furniture to large-duty drawers at work. Aluminum runners are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor furniture or humid environments. Stainless Steel runners are the priciest type of metal runner but are very corrosion-resistant. They can also be used in medical and food service applications.
  • Plastic Drawer Runners: These drawer runners are affordable and simple to install. They can also be made from nylon or PVC. These are great for light-duty applications. They are also resistant and easy to clean, making them suitable for food service or medical applications.
  • Wooden drawer runners: This traditional option is still used in some furniture today. They are made of hardwoods such as maple, cherry, and oak and give the furniture a rustic appearance. However, they can be more fragile than plastic or metal runners and may become damaged over time.

Why Invest – Quality Drawer Runners?

We’ve already covered the materials for drawer runners. Now let’s understand why you should choose quality runners for furniture or storage units.

Smooth and efficient operation: Quality drawer runners allow drawers to open and close quickly and smoothly. This will make finding and organizing your belongings easier and prevent wear and tear on drawers and furniture.

Durability: High-quality drawer runners can be used without damage or wear for many years. This saves time and money by having to replace them less often.

Safety: Drawer runners which are properly installed and made of high-quality materials are less likely to be damaged or to fail. This is especially important when heavy-duty drawers or high traffic demand reliable and safe operation.

You can customize your drawer runners with a variety of sizes and styles. This means that runners can be made to fit your drawers and other special needs, such as soft-close and full-extension.

In Conclusion

It’s important to buy drawer runners that are durable and effective. To ensure that the runners are suitable for your specific needs, you should carefully consider the materials and the runners’ weight and load ratings. Investing in high-quality drawer runners is a smart move that will save you money and time in the long term. Consider the details and make an educated decision next time you search for drawer runners to maximize your drawer’s performance.

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