Olivia Burton Jewellery

First established in 2012 by two females determined to create a new brand that stands out above the rest. Originally starting with just unique timepieces perfect for every strong woman with a more recent new addition of jewellery that is a perfect addition to any outfit. Here at The Jewel Hut we have a wonderful selection of Olivia Burton jewellery and watches available here to purchase and make you stand out amongst your friends and family.

Taking their inspiration from antique fairs and the vintage heirlooms that are passed down for generations, Olivia Burton jewellery adds those little touches that only vintage jewellery would but, in a new piece for you to cherish.

The Olivia Burton jewellery collection features pieces that match your stunning Olivia Burton timepiece to jewellery that can interlock with other pieces from their collection as well as piece that are perfect for layering or stacking. By stacking and layering your jewellery, you have the chance to get some more wear out of alternative pieces, whilst also continuing to wear your everyday favourites. Making their stacking collection a brilliant investment, finding multiple pieces from the same brands provides a tailored look that is sure to turn heads.

Featuring delicate necklaces that feature sparkling crystals to necklaces that are perfect to layer to add a bold and more dramatic look without having to go out of your comfort zone. There are also a wonderful and bold selection of rings to choose from Olivia Burton. With designs inspired by all things nature, featuring the iconic Olivia Burton bee to celestial stars and moons, there is something for everyone in the brands selection of rings.

A similar theme appears throughout their collection, including their selection of earrings and bracelets. Every piece of jewellery created by Olivia Burton features timeless designs that will always compliment their stunning watches to really add something to your outfit on a daily basis.

With a vast selection of materials used to create these stunning pieces of jewellery, from sterling silver to cubic zirconia, Olivia Burton have everything covered to ensure each piece of jewellery they create is made from the right materials to provide you with quality pieces.

Taking homage from their hometown of London throughout their designs, the latest collection from Olivia Burton “Postcard From London” really does showcases elements from all their designs to create one truly beautiful collection with a contemporary style that pushes the brand in a new and modern direction whilst also keeping in mind their heritage.

With glitz and glamour, simplicity and elegance or bold and bright, the collections or jewellery and watches from Olivia Burton can give every woman the opportunity to express her inner beauty on the outside. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to the beautiful elegance of Olivia Burton. To shop the collection of jewellery and watches and realise that your Olivia Burton jewellery dreams are truly endless, shop online and browse our entire Olivia Burton collection available to purchase here at The Jewel Hut.

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