Founded in Germany back in 1924, HUGO BOSS has grown to be a designer brand we all know and love. Creating clothing lines as well as jewellery and other accessories like watches, HUGO BOSS has everything you need to achieve your designer dreams. Discover our selection of HUGO BOSS watches available to purchase here at House of Watches.

We have a wonderful selection of both BOSS and HUGO watches available to purchase here at House of Watches. Having recently decided to split the brand in two halves for certain products, HUGO BOSS have created two individual brands that are both strong and recognised on their own as HUGO and BOSS, both sitting under the brand above known as HUGO BOSS.


HUGO by HUGO BOSS compromises of a younger and slightly lower price point than that of their second brand BOSS. However, both brands share the same level of quality, the biggest difference will always be the style.


BOSS although the same quality to that of the brands HUGO collection, will be where you are more likely to find your tailoring and your business pieces. Again, similar level of quality to the HUGO collection but due to the items style and design, you can more than likely find a slightly higher price tag when it comes to BOSS clothes and watches.

Here at House of Watches we have a vast collection of both HUGO and BOSS watches available to purchase. With over fifty HUGO watches within our repertoire and their price points starting below £100, HUGO watches are the perfect entry level designer watch if you’re not wanting to spend a large sum on your first designer watch.

We are lucky enough to have over one hundred BOSS watches available to purchase here at House of Watches. As mentioned above, the price point for these watches is slightly higher than that of HUGO. With watches in the BOSS collection starting at around £140, these watches compromise of a very different style in comparison to HUGO watches.

HUGO BOSS are always looking for ways to push the boundaries with design, with completely digital collections to their recognised partnerships and collaborations. From sports sponsorships with sports such as Golf, Tennis, Motorsports, Soccer and Winter sports, HUGO BOSS is a recognised sponsor in many sporting areas.

HUGO BOSS has also done brand collaborations with companies such as Porsche and Phipps. As well as creating many arts sponsorships that have shaped the brand, these sponsorships compromise of the HUGO BOSS Prize, HUGO BOSS Asia Art Award and many exhibitions and projects worldwide.

Discover the latest selection of watches from HUGO BOSS available to purchase here at House of Watches. Whether you’re after something trendy for the HUGO collection that will perfectly fit into your budget or whether you’re looking to invest a little more in a timepiece that is a classic from their BOSS selection of watches. Shop HUGO and BOSS watches here at House of Watches and find the designer timepiece of your dreams.

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