5 Exciting MLB Games to Watch in 2023

MLB Games

Baseball games today are some of the most thrilling events to watch, with millions of fans tuning in to watch their favorite teams compete against each other. With the 2023 MLB season quickly approaching, it’s time to start looking ahead to some of the most exciting matchups that will take place in the upcoming year. From historic rivalries to championship rematches, here are five exciting MLB games to watch in 2023.

1. New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is one of the most heated in all of the sports, and the 2023 season will be no different. These two teams have been battling it out for over a century, and every time they face off, it’s a must-watch event. 

The 2023 season will see the Yankees and Red Sox face each other 19 times, with 10 of those games taking place at Fenway Park. The intensity of these games is unmatched, with both teams vying for the top spot in the AL East.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Houston Astros

The 2023 MLB season will mark the fifth anniversary of the 2017 World Series, which saw the Houston Astros defeat the Los Angeles Dodgers in seven games. The Astros were later found to have cheated during the series, adding an extra layer of intrigue to any future matchups between the two teams. 

In 2023, the Dodgers and Astros will meet for the first time since the scandal, and it’s sure to be a heated affair. Fans will be eager to see if the Dodgers can exact revenge on the Astros and even the score.

3. Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants

The Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants both had incredible seasons in 2022, with the Braves winning the World Series and the Giants finishing with the best record in baseball. In 2023, these two powerhouse teams will face off in what is sure to be an exciting matchup. 

The Braves will be defending their title, while the Giants will be looking to make another deep postseason run. With two of the best teams in baseball facing off, this game is not to be missed.

4. New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies

The New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies have been battling it out in the NL East for years, and the 2023 season will be no different. The Mets made some big moves in the offseason, including signing shortstop Francisco Lindor to a massive contract. 

The Phillies, meanwhile, have one of the best lineups in baseball, led by Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins. With both teams looking to make a playoff push in 2023, every game between the Mets and Phillies will be crucial.

5. Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals

The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals have one of the oldest rivalries in baseball, dating back to 1892. The two teams have faced each other over 2,400 times, with the Cubs holding a slight edge in the all-time series. In 2023, these two teams will face off 19 times, with 10 of those games taking place at Wrigley Field. 

The Cubs are in the midst of a rebuild, while the Cardinals are always a threat to make the playoffs. Every Cubs-Cardinals game is a must-watch event regardless of each team’s record.

The 2023 MLB season is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. With historic rivalries, championship rematches, and some of the best teams in baseball facing off, there will be no shortage of thrilling matchups for fans to enjoy. “DIRECTV offers great MLB packages.”

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, mark your calendar for these five exciting MLB games to watch in 2023.

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