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Card Machine

With the UK moving towards a cashless society, accepting card payments is more essential than ever for small businesses. When selecting the best card machine to suit your requirements, take into account all available features and capabilities.

When looking for a payment gateway, there are several options; countertop card machines, mobile card readers and app-based card machines can all accept both contactless and chip/PIN cards. When making your decision about which machine best fits your needs, keep in mind the associated costs such as merchant service charges, setup fees and gateway charges.


iZettle is a top card machine for small businesses in the UK that allows businesses to accept payments on-the-go. It boasts stylish POS equipment and no contracts, plus straightforward payment fees. Thanks to its user-friendliness and modern technology, iZettle has become popular among small business owners throughout the country.

It’s a straightforward system that works on a pay-as-you-go model, with no upfront costs and an intuitive app that can be downloaded free of charge. All you need to do is sign up for an account, enter your business information and bank details, then you’re all set!

iZettle offers several methods of processing transactions, such as chip-and-pin, magnetic stripe, and contactless cards. Furthermore, you have the option of paying by link – sending your customers a unique link via text or email that they can click to pay you through their device.

This method is ideal for electricians, plumbers and mechanics that provide services rather than products as you can send them a pay-by-link to pay for work they’ve completed without waiting for payment to clear. Furthermore, you can track your sales, generate reports and process refunds with this system.

The iZettle card reader is an easy-to-use and cost-effective card processing solution that will save your business money by decreasing the amount of cash spent on credit card payments. At its 1.75% flat rate fee per transaction, this offers great value to small businesses needing to take payments.

iZettle provides an expansive ecommerce platform that enables you to sell your products online. This can be a powerful way to increase sales and boost profitability, especially for cash-strapped companies.

However, iZettle charges an additional 2.5% per sale for online sales compared to other providers such as Worldpay Zinc and Square who charge only 1.75% on all card transactions.

iZettle not only offers an ecommerce service, but they also have a hospitality-specific product called iZettle Pro which has been designed specifically for the hotel industry. It includes location management, barcode scanning and tipping capabilities.


Square is one of the leading credit card processors for small businesses in the UK, providing a range of hardware and software solutions to help you take payments and expand your business.

Square offers a comprehensive selection of payment methods and is known for its transparent fees and flexible plans that cater to different business types. It accepts credit/debit cards, Apple Pay/Android Pay, automatic clearing house (ACH) bank payments as well as Cash App Pay.

They offer a range of hardware solutions to meet your individual requirements, including readers and terminals. Furthermore, there is an extensive selection of accessories you can add to make the payments process smoother, such as receipt printers and cash drawers.

The Square Reader is one of the most popular pocketable payment devices, capable of accepting contactless, chip and pin, and swipe payments. Compatible with both Apple and Android phones, this pocketable device complies with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) on your behalf.

It can be used on-the-go and is also capable of taking payments offline, so you can still accept cards even if your internet connection or WiFi signal are down. Furthermore, its built-in receipt printer supports NFC-enabled devices like iPhones and Samsung Galaxys as well.

This is an ideal option for any mobile business. Additionally, smaller artisan retailers looking to keep overhead low while providing a more personalized touch will find this solution beneficial.

For its price point, the Square Reader is an ideal way to start accepting payments on-the-go. It accepts all major payment types and you can even connect it to a cash drawer for added convenience.

For a more robust solution, Square offers an integrated card machine stand. This comes in various configurations and can be purchased with or without the dock for charging the card reader and keeping it charged.

It’s an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce card processing expenses while still having all the features of a traditional POS system. Plus, it’s user-friendly and compatible with all major card networks in the UK.

Worldpay Zinc

Worldpay Zinc is an economical card machine for small businesses that offers great value. It combines a mobile card reader and virtual terminal to make taking payments anywhere much simpler.

Additionally, it provides 24/7 phone support – an important feature that many other mobile card readers on the market lack. This is a real advantage for those who expect to receive more than a few calls each month from customers asking to pay for work.

Take payments on the go with this mobile POS machine for much simpler and cost-effective processing than carrying around a traditional POS machine. With its impressive eight-hour battery life, you can be confident while away from your office to process payments with ease.

Take payments with the Zinc app on your smartphone or tablet and monitor sales in real-time. With this information, you can see which cards are being accepted in the field as well as their worth.

Worldpay is offering a limited time free trial of its Zinc mobile card reader, which they promise will save you both money and time. The card reader works with all major credit and debit cards, including JCB and Diners Club International.

It supports transactions made with Chip & Pin, contactless and magnetic swipe technologies as well as having an integrated barcode scanner. As one of the most user-friendly mobile card readers available on the market, it should be taken into account by any small business looking to add another sales channel into their remit.

Worldpay Zinc’s main disadvantage is its monthly subscription fee, which can be costly for small businesses that don’t take many payments or have unpredictable customer bases. However, this can easily be avoided by choosing the pay-as-you-go model if you’re uncertain how many card sales will occur in any given month.

If you’re not a fan of monthly fees and would prefer a more transparent rate structure, consider alternative mobile card readers such as Square or iZettle. These are the two most popular choices on the market and provide an easier payment process with no hidden costs or complicated contracts to navigate.


Takepayments is a UK-based provider of card payment solutions for small businesses. They offer tailored pricing packages and experienced payment consultants to guarantee your business remains PCI compliant, plus they provide features like real time inventory tracking and employee sales tracking.

Their card terminals are tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and can be utilized in a range of ways, such as mobile, countertop or tablet-sized tPOS counters. Furthermore, they have an exclusive takepaymentplus reader that can be utilized in restaurants or cafes.

They provide a range of solutions for both new and established business owners, so you are sure to find something that meets your requirements. Furthermore, they provide a free, no-obligation quote to any business looking to accept payments.

Customers have been highly complimentary about the service, particularly noting how effective customer support is provided. Many were particularly delighted with the staff members who assisted them in getting started.

The takepayments card reader offers a range of features ideal for small businesses, including an affordable base transaction fee and various reports such as inventory tracking and employee sales tracking. It supports 170 currencies and can be used in numerous locations.

Our research has rated its customer service as the best in the industry, with reviews praising how helpful their team was. They have a UK-based phone number and representatives available Monday to Sunday.

They possess extensive expertise with card payments and can help you determine the most suitable solution for your business. Furthermore, their expertise lies in negotiating card processing fees to save you money over time.

Signing up for a takepayments card machine is simple – simply complete their online form or contact your local consultant to discuss your business requirements and get a free, tailored quote. They’ll assess how you currently process payments and assess your turnover to provide you with an appropriate price package.

The cost of a takepayments card machine varies based on the hardware you select and payment processing fees. You should also take into account your turnover and what types of payments you want to accept, so be sure to ask some questions before signing up for services.

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