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Series Lightspeed Ventureslawtonventurebeat is a blog series about startups, their stories, and how to help them succeed. Whether you’re an angel investor or venture capitalist or want to see more startups succeed, read on to learn more!

Lightspeed Ventures led Series B round

Series B round led by Lightspeed Ventures

Lightspeed Ventures led a Series B round of funding in This company is building the first artificial intelligence platform for legal research. The investment will help expand its technology and capabilities across the legal industry.

Company develops a data-driven construction management platform

Construction management is an extremely complex and interrelated field that covers various activities, from contract negotiation and reviews to project monitoring and control. To help contractors manage their projects more effectively, the company has developed a data-driven construction management platform.

The platform relies on data analysis and sourcing to help contractors optimize their workflow and minimize costs. It also allows them to track progress and performance against specific objectives throughout the project cycle. Using this information, contractors can make informed decisions about their future projects, maximizing efficiency while minimizing costs.

It mines data from cameras

Series Lightspeed Ventureslawtonventurebeat is an online resource that provides news, views, and insights from the local startup and venture community in the Lawton, Oklahoma, area. In addition to startup content, we also feature stories about investors, venture capitalists, incubators, and other regional business leaders.

Our focus on data mining has led us to create a few interesting projects over the years. One of our recent endeavors is a blog series called “Data Mining at Lawton’s Startups.” This series explores how startups use data mining to improve their operations. We’ve interviewed founders of several companies about their experiences with data mining, and we’ll share those interviews throughout the year.

In addition to our regular content, Series Lightspeed Ventureslawtonventurebeat also publishes occasional pieces on big-picture topics such as Entrepreneurship 101 and The State of Oklahoma’s Startup Ecosystem.

Lightspeed Ventures led Series B round

Series B funding for Lightspeed Ventures, the seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in startups in the Lawton area, was led by two new partners: former Dell executive John Smedley and Tulsa native and successful businessman Terry Bohn.

“Lightspeed Ventures is excited to welcome John Smedley and Terry Bohn as our newest partners,” said Patrick Collison, co-founder of Lightspeed Ventures. “Both men bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to our team, which we believe will be invaluable as we continue to invest in high-quality startups in the Lawton area.”

Smedley brings over 20 years of experience at Dell Inc., where he held various executive positions, including president and CEO of Dell EMC’s virtualization business. Before Dell Inc., Smedley was managing director at Boston Consulting Group (BCG). At BCG, he helped build the technology practice for one of the world’s largest investment banks.

Bohn is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in the private sector. He founded Patriot Technologies, a Tulsa-based software company that became one of Oklahoma’s fastest-growing companies. Bohn currently serves on the boards of directors for the University Of Tulsa Medical Center and Tulsa Technology Partners.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most important and cutting-edge technological fields. With AI’s ability to learn, process information, and make decisions on its own, it has the potential to revolutionize a wide variety of industries.

One area where AI already has a major impact is the law. There are now AI-powered legal drones capable of carrying out complex legal tasks such as case research and filing. And, as artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, it will likely become even more involved in the legal system.

Another area where AI has a big impact is marketing. Several companies are using AI to create targeted ads based on user preferences. This saves companies money on ad spending and allows them to reach a wider audience with fewer ads.

Overall, there are endless possibilities for using artificial intelligence in law and business. As this field continues to develop, it will undoubtedly have an impact on both legal and commercial practices across the globe.

Computer vision

Computer vision is the ability of a computer to interpret and understand visual data. This technology has applications in various fields, including surveillance, security, and medical imaging.

One area where computer vision is instrumental is video recognition. Video recognition software can automatically identify specific objects or scenes in a video clip. This can help monitor security footage or identify specific people or locations in a video stream.

Another computer vision application is autonomous driving. Autonomous driving technology relies on the ability of a computer to identify obstacles and traffic hazards and respond accordingly. This technology is essential for making cars safer and more efficient, and we’ll likely see significant advances in this area over the next few years.


Series Lightspeed Ventures is a startup accelerator and venture capital firm that invests in tech companies in the Southwest.

Series Lightspeed Ventures has invested in six startups in its first year. Most of these investments are in technology, but the firm also invests in food and beverage, health care, and e-commerce companies.

According to Series Lightspeed Ventures Co-Founder and Managing Director Stephanie Huntley, the firm aims to help startups grow their businesses into profitable enterprises. “We want to see our startups become unicorns or go public within five years,” Huntley said.

The founders of Series Lightspeed Ventures have experience working with startups both inside and outside the investment industry. Huntley was previously an associate at Ernst & Young LLP, where she specialized in financial analysis for technology startups. She also has experience as a business consultant with McKinsey & Company. Founding partner Aaron Klein previously worked at Google Inc., responsible for marketing products such as Gmail and Google Maps.

Series Lightspeed Ventures offers its portfolio companies access to a network of advisors, including former executives from major tech companies such as Apple Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Inc., eBay Inc., and Intel Corporation. The company also offers its portfolio companies office space in downtown Lawrenceville and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and corporate executives


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